Deter cat peeing outside on porch

Most importantly, by providing a happy, safe and practical environment, you are ensuring your cat has a chance to remain your loving family pet for a much longer life. Make sure you provide a lockable outside access door. The difference in their life expectancy as well as quality of life speaks for itself. My cat absolutely will not use a regular size litter box, and frequently exhibited the same behavior as the OP describes. So after getting a new job and moving I'm staying with a friend until I can get a new place. Once you soak down a cat once or twice, it won't be back. She also changed their litter about 5 times in a row - another big no-no.

How Do I Stop Cats From Claiming My Territory as Their Own?

Neighbors' cats - keeping them out of the yard

Before using any type of natural cat repellent you should first clean the area of any cat litter or spray. Although I have tried to use only natural ingredients you should still try to avoid spraying directly onto your plants. February 19, at Just throw it to the floor and break it. Red pepper flakes are messier but cats also hate them, so you can sprinkle them on your porch if you can't find cat repellent. You stay in the room and make sure he doesn't leave.

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Neighbor cats use my nicely mulched front yard for their potty. If that won't work due to time demands, ask you humane society for live traps, bait them with a nice open can of tuna and trap the cats before turning them into the humane society. Try to work together with others to get them spayed or neutered. Some animal control will even loan out traps. Feral Cats Feral adult cats have spent their entire lives in the wild and would be difficult to domesticate since wild is their nature. Cat Pee September 2, at 4: I pickup behind my dog who is never outside without a leash.
Simba also tries getting in her house and is persistent our friend has a cat. September 15, at 2: Mothballs are toxic even though animal control said we could use it. January 27, at 2: Why should cats be allowed to roam where ever they want?

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